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Shamanic Healing

A Shamanic session involves any number of the treatments described below. After we connect, I consult my Spirit Guides as to which ones, if any, would benefit you at this time. I will only offer and provide what I am guided to and will discuss the session with you and answer any questions you may have prior to our meeting. Sessions are generally 60-75 minutes in duration.

Cost: $120
(In person, at a distance or over a Zoom call)


Shamanic Extraction

Shamanic extraction is the removal of energy from your being that no longer serves you. We walk through life exchanging, creating and absorbing energy from all the experiences we have with people, places, other sentient beings, and objects.  Many, though not all, energies serve us in some way when we interact with them but there comes a time when they no longer do though we still carry them. In a session, any energy that you are carrying that is no longer serving your highest good will be cleared. Inevitably, this makes space in your being for new energy that aligns with who you are today.   

Power Animal Retrieval

In Shamanic traditions around the world, Shamans work closely with helping spirits from many realms. Animal spirits are generous and powerful guides who come to us not only to share their unique power and wisdom, but also to remind us of our own. In a session, the Power Animal that you need by your side at this time will come forward to enter into relationship with you. A Power Animal stays with you and its one and only intent is to be in service to you and your highest good. In our session I will discuss with you the different ways you may cultivate this beautiful and empowering relationship.


Soul Retrieval

As we go through life we encounter challenges that are difficult for us to process at the soul level. In these moments, that wounded part of our soul separates from our energy being as a way to protect the whole from further suffering. As we grow and begin to heal certain aspects of our lives, our soul expresses a readiness to return to wholeness within us.  Soul Retrieval is the process of returning a lost part or parts of your soul to you in order to gradually restore your fullness of being.


In any given session there is an element of healing. It happens very organically that I am guided to an area of the body where there is a storing or misalignment of energy which may be causing noticeable or unnoticeable physical, emotional or mental discomfort within you. When sensed, I channel vital life force energy where guided to stimulate the healing mechanisms of the body that naturally restore balance. 



Divination is the practice of seeking divine guidance for oneself or on behalf of another. It is not a message or guidance received from a deceased loved one, rather it is a message or guidance channelled directly from Spirit that is important for one’s soul growth in the present moment.

What Clients Say

The path to healing my wounded spirit is continuous.  Along the way, I have been graced to encounter people that have a remarkable grasp for methods that encourage healing traumas of the body and the mind at the source. With faith in and guidance from Maryke, Soul Retrieval gently encouraged my spirit to confront past events that anchored harmful thoughts throughout my body and removed them. It was like a parent comforting their distressed child - a feeling of lightness, a sense of calm.  However limited my understanding of Soul Retrieval, I was empowered by this practice to advance my healing which includes forgiving the past and releasing tensions in the body that were preventing my soul from achieving the kind of growth that transcends barriers to emotional maturity.

~ Nova, Shamanic Healing Session

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