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Sky Guardian Angel Bridging

Guardian Angel Bridging

Guardian Angel Bridging

We all have a guardian angel with us from the moment we incarnate – a kind of personal spiritual ally who is meant to guide and protect us throughout our lifetime. Deeply wise, and ever-present, we often sense their presence over the course of our lives but have never officially “met”. In this session, I will bring you and your guardian angel into conscious relationship with one another so that you leave with them at your side, knowing their name and with a few initial guiding messages that come through in our session.  

Cost $60

(In person, at a distance or over a Zoom call)

What Clients Say

About one year ago, Maryke did a Guardian Angel Bridging Session with me. The session was peaceful and very informative. Maryke is confident and skilled in sharing the information from the spiritual world. I found out the name of my Guardian Angel, which was similar from what I had journaled previously. My Angel came through my heart. Maryke was able to tell me in what shape and colour my Angel appears to me in this realm. She also encouraged me to call upon her for anything. Since my session I have called upon my Angel often and I have her placed at my right side. This experience helped me to trust in and accept the help of my Guardian Angel. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you!

 Sandra, Guardian Angel Bridging Session

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