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Monthly Tarot Subscription


12 month subscription - $120

(start date is flexible)

Energize and empower your life with a monthly Tarot reading outlining the energies at play for you. By the first of every month, you will receive a 1-2 page written Tarot reading including a picture of all the Tarot and Oracle cards in the spread and any supporting text, mantras or affirmations from the Oracle card. The reading is intended to highlight significant/potential energies at play in the month ahead, encourage you to explore and expand your consciousness
and to help you tune into your own intuition. These are general readings according to your zodiac sign.


A general reading develops a personal undertone very simply because when you ask for help from the Universe, you receive it! Spirit recognizes your commitment to the growth of your
soul and will come through with the guidance that you need to support you along your path.


My hope for you with every reading is that you come into deeper connection with your soul and experience greater alignment, wonder, engagement, abundance and joy in your life. No two readings are ever the same format as I am uniquely guided from one month to the next to use different Tarot and Oracle decks and layouts to support the message that Spirit wishes to communicate. Each month in my email I provide a summary of how the reading came to be and include little tidbits of information, resources and channellings that Spirit wishes to share with everyone.

What Clients Say

I find that the Monthly Tarot Reading with Maryke offers a wealth of healing, empowering, and awakening wisdom. The details shared in the reading incredibly resonate with current life events and elucidate the transformation available so that I do not miss the opportunity to let go of what does not serve its purpose while I embrace the growth that manifests before me. The reading encourages us readers to accept new beginnings with joy and trust. It motivates while setting the mood to welcome the unknown and feel bounty. The combination of Maryke's divine vision, diverse Tarot decks, oracle cards, mantras, affirmations, and spirit guides' blessings enrich the message, making it incredibly unique.  I look forward to this reading at the end of every month and it makes my month start at its best!

 Priscila, Monthly Tarot Subscription

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