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Spiritual Counsel


I am in relationship with spirit guides in different realms from whom I can ask for guidance in my own life and on behalf of others. These messages come to me through psychic channels (i.e. clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience), through divination with Tarot/Oracle cards and/or items in the natural world and through the Shamanic practice of journeying.

If you are seeking guidance for yourself around a relationship, a job, a move, finances, your health, your spiritual path or just general guidance, this may be a way to begin to understand the energetic interaction between you and whatever it is that has you wondering what may be for your highest good at this time.

30 Minute Session  - $60

Focus is on one broader question, area of growth and/or healing, specific situation or just general guidance.

(In person, at a distance or over a Zoom call).

This session can really look however you like. We can have a phone conversation, a zoom call or I can divine the guidance independently and transcribe it for you along with a description of the divination tools used and any significant supporting information that is received to help clarify the guidance received. 

4 Intuitive Messages - $100

Focus can be on up to 4 different questions.
(I meditate upon them independently and then relay the individual messages to you according to your preferred method of communication).

This can unfold over time (weekly, for example or over a few days) with a question of importance that you communicate to me. I then consult my guides and will share the guidance that comes through in your preferred method of communication:  email, phone conversation or zoom call. I will include a descriptive image, song lyric, oracle card, a nature photo or anything of significance that I may have either used or received in my divination that supports the message and may further enlighten/empower you as you sit with the guidance. These messages tend to be very focused with clear details that serve as what one might call an "a-ha" moment that may help to shift a perspective or open a pathway for healing.

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