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About Maryke

I have enjoyed a lifelong relationship with music and was fortunate to build a very fulfilling 25 year career in Early Childhood Music Education working with the exuberant spirit of children. The nature of this work gave me great freedom to enjoy many aspects of my life that I love: raising my children; spending time in nature; enjoying time with family and friends; photography; hiking/camping; singing/songwriting and completing my Masters in Education.

and then...

A life changing event in 2017 led me into a deep examination of my life and there, I discovered a part of myself that I have long felt but never really got to know … my soul. Up until that point in my life I felt very sound of mind and body but my soul was a quiet whisper that I just never paid much attention to. Suddenly, it started speaking up and out, demanding to be heard and honoured.


As my intuition exploded onto the scene, I discovered a language for all the knowing I have felt over my lifetime. I began to make time daily for journaling, meditation, walks in nature and various creative pursuits and became completely at ease with the guidance I was receiving to transform my life from the inside out. Out of this sacred trust with myself, I gradually came to Shamanism. Through my studies of Core Shamanism with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, I have found my home in the ancient practices of caring for the soul.


"We are all just walking each other home."

~ Ram Dass ~


Why Choose Riversoul Healing

In a single word, empowerment. My spiritual practice is centered wholly on the empowerment of your soul. I have come to understand that to bring ourselves to wholeness in our lives we must care for the whole of ourselves. We are first a soul. To deny this aspect of ourselves when we are seeking to heal, to grow, to make life-changing decisions with confidence or to learn more about who we are and how we may live a more fulfilling life is to overlook the book on the shelf with all the answers! All of the services I offer at Riversoul Healing are meant to empower you so that you reconnect to the deep wisdom of your own soul and come to trust that your most dependable guide is within you.

What Clients Say

Maryke is so insightful and intuitive. She is very approachable and truly cares about helping others. Her guidance helped me to navigate life with my family during the pandemic. She is a real gem.

~ J., Spiritual Counsel/Intuitive Messages

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