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Riversoul Healing

Release  Rest  Renew


The empowerment of your soul. All of the services at Riversoul Healing are intended to reconnect you to the deep wisdom of your soul so that you may come to trust that you are your most dependable guide. 


"Love is a river, and I am the sea.

All of the pulls on my heart

are just love that's been leading me 

back to me."

Welcome to
Riversoul Healing

It is my great pleasure to meet you. Perhaps you have been guided here by another, or like so many, you are searching for something more in your life and find yourself reading these words. No matter the motivation, I invite you to spend some time among these pages and trust that it is the wisdom of your own soul that has led you here and will continue to guide you upon your journey. 

Healing Services

Healing at the level of the soul is a sacred journey that is best navigated through the heart. Before you read any further, take a moment to centre yourself and hold in your heart whatever feeling has led you here. The service that most resonates with your heart is where the healing begins.


To care for your soul is a grand gesture of self-love. An empowered soul knows the way by heart.


The Universe is always in communication with you. 
Enter the conversation and open yourself to the wisdom of your heart.

Monthly Tarot Subscription

Explore and expand your consciousness, connect to your intuition and discover the potential within the energy in and around your life.


Discover the subtle energies at play in your life to gain the clarity needed to make choices that align with your soul.

What Clients Say

"My session with Maryke was amazing! She helped me to discover my Power Animal and heal old wounds. At the time I did the session I was feeling pain under my chest and after the session the pain disappeared after two days. Before the session I looked into the mirror and thought I was ugly, now I look and think I’m beautiful. Several transformations took place after the session and I feel more alive and lighter. I am forever grateful!"

~ Beatriz, Distance Shamanic Healing Session


"Every morning we are born again.

What we do today matters most."

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