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Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading


A Tarot reading is a wonderful way to gain insight into a situation that is raising questions within you. The key is to come with a singular question (we will hone it together for greatest clarity before the reading) and to be open to the guidance that comes through. The Tarot readings I provide are not intended to be predictive, rather, they are meant to clarify the energies at play in any given situation in the present. Knowing what lies beyond the visible or where our focus is fixated, can lead us to better decisions. I believe in the use of the Tarot as a tool to empower you, so that you may leave with a deeper understanding of your own feelings and sense of purpose in relation to the question you bring to the reading. It is also my hope that the experience opens you unto your own intuition as you engage with both me and the cards in the sacred space we create with the shared intention to receive guidance from Spirit.

30 minute reading - $60

(In person, at a distance or over a Zoom call)

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